The goal for the INDOCHINE is to combine the richness of visual elements of the South East Asian folklore with the latest European design to create handbags and accessories for a modern metropolitan lifestyle in Asia and beyond.

The brand will build a bridge between East and West, combine the old and the new, create a silk route in contemporary design in it’s winning combination of materials, design elements, graphic patterns and cultural references from both traditions.

It will express the imperial opulence of South East Asian history and the grace of European minimal classics, but it will also carry the humor and the pop art chic of post-modern globalization.

Contemporary materials will be mixed with rich silks, functional shapes with traditional Chinese ornaments, folklore patterns will be imprinted onto the lines of modern cut, cultural symbols not only from garments, but also from ancient painting and interior design will take on a whole new life and meaning in this new lifestyle re-incarnation.

INDOCHINE’s creator Cris Weer has always been the designer of artificial arrangements that would bring out the real emotions. Whether publishing a pop-culture magazine in his early twenties in Munich, shooting fashion internationally later on, or designing and producing fashion accessories in New York and Asia, he tunes on to the finest aesthetic frequencies on the air during right now. A musical teenager, a media addict, a mind alterations engineer, a Bikram body, a blender chef, a bicycle driver, and a curiosity victim, Cris is learning how to juggle.